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Spring Lawn Care Tips

Get Grassy Lawn Care Tips Good topsoil is the foundation for a healthy lawn, but many new homes have had their topsoil compacted and removed during construction, leaving behind debris and clay. These lawns soak up little water and require more fertilizer and pesticides. To slowly improve topsoil so your grass grows better, add organic materials like lawn clippings, mulched leaves or a top dressing of compost with aeration.

Here’s How You Mow to Grow
  1. Most lawns need to be cut every four to five days, not every seven to ten days, like most of us tend towards!
  2. Follow the One-Third Rule: mow when the lawn gets one-third taller than the recommended growing height (if you want your lawn at 2.5”, mow when it’s 3.5”).
  3. Don’t scalp your lawn if spring rain or vacation leaves you with really tall grass. Instead, gradually reduce cutting height to keep a healthy balance between root and blade growth. If you keep scalping your lawn, you won’t have to mow as often because your grass will die!
  4. Keep your grass tall at 2½” to 3½” to preserve moisture and out-compete weeds.
  5. Sharpen those blades. Dull blades chew, tear, and rip grass, which stresses the plant. Torn blades die back and are more likely to succumb to disease and pests. And you can save on fuel costs by using efficient, sharp blades.
See Franklin Soil and Water’s Get Grassy! lawn care campaign at to take the pledge and receive a free gift!

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